Helpful Information about Labs and Insurance

Laboratory Studies, Imaging and other Diagnostics:

Licensed chiropractic and naturopathic doctors in the state of California are able to order any laboratory studies, imaging and most diagnostics related to your care. We may recommend many forms of evaluation including x-rays, blood spot, blood draw (serum), urine, stool, salivary or breath test. We work with both local laboratory and imaging centers and also use some evaluation methods that provide you with a kit for home collection from our office. We may recommend both conventional and functional studies so that we can better assess what’s going on and provide you with the most specific recommendations.

Lab result review is only conducted at follow up appointments, the only exception is if we need to contact you due to urgent results​. This is because of our responsibility as a healthcare provider to review the results with you. If you need results for any evaluation ordered by our office for consult with another practitioner or specialist, please provide us with a signed records release two weeks prior to the time you will need your results so we can prepare accordingly.

For any lab or evaluation that we collect payment for, we provide you with our cost without any markup as is legally required. To offset the cost of managing supplies, orders, results, test kits and payment with credit card, we charge a lab handling and analysis fee to cover the costs of offering testing through our office. Depending on a practice member’s individual needs, the lab costs can be expected to run between $250-$800.

Our doctors are happy to coordinate care with your primary care doctor or other specialists you are working with in order to help you benefit from any insurance coverage you may have. We will provide you with a form letter with a list of any studies recommended by our office that you would like to request of another provider. Beyond this standardized form, any letters or communication required by your doctors to assist you in coverage may be billed at our standard service rate as covered in our office policies form.

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