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Optimized Wellness Center is devoted to improving your health. A healthy amount of body fat is one aspect of health we assist our practice members with. By doing so, you will not only feel better but look slimmer.

One of the many interferences to your health are toxins. Toxins are stored mainly in fat (adipose) cells. In addition to your fat cells housing toxins, excess fat can also contribute to other weight-related health concerns such as lack of flexibility, hormonal complications, postural imbalance, and an overburden to the spine. Fat loss and detoxification help improve energy, mood, sleep, and the immune system, along with increased flexibility and posture.

The Zerona LipoLaser is made to assist with body contouring by removing body fat and reducing inches. There is no invasive surgery, no needles, no incisions, and no recovery time needed. The Zerona LipoLaser is a cold laser. This type of laser does not produce heat and has never shown any recorded side effects. During the procedure, practice members generally feel nothing.

How does the Zerona LipoLaser facilitate fat loss and body contouring? Results are achieved by emulsifying the fat, excreting the toxins, triglycerides and fatty acids and dumping the contents out of the adipose (fat cells). This emulsification process allows your body to apply significantly less effort to reduce toxic adipose tissue (fat cells). Once the contents are emulsified and mobilized, the body’s lymphatic system then carries the waste to the colon where it is ready for elimination.

After completion of the two-week protocol, clinical trials resulted in an average of 3.64 inches lost; others lost as much as 9 inches. Some people see results within the first sessions, though the most noticeable results are seen after the final session. As with any procedure, results may be more dramatic from one to the next. It is important not to get discouraged and stay with the protocol.

The Zerona treatment should be used in conjunction with a healthy nutritional program, exercise and detoxification support. It is of importance to support the body’s organs of detoxification during the protocol to ensure that the toxins being released from the fat cells do not yield unwanted side effects such as exhaustion, acne, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. Although clinical studies confirm results were obtained with subjects changing none of their everyday habits, we recommend a few changes while you are undergoing the program to optimize your results. By doing so, you will maximize your individual results by putting your body in the best physical state for eliminating the liquefied fat, and feeling your best during this process.

Please follow all aspects of the plan to maximize your results.

****NOTE: Deviating from this schedule & protocol will impact the potential effectiveness due to the time factor of the adipose cell

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Clinical studies show with the Zerona treatment and following the recommended guidelines, we see an average loss of 3.64 inches!

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