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“I trust Dr. Nina completely for she is as dedicated to my health as I am. She is beyond knowledgeable and is a delight to be around. I recommend her without hesitation. And I love that I can walk in anytime without an appointment and receive a B-vitamin shot; they always put more pep in my step and keep me focused on all the many tasks at hand.”
-A. Chartruesse
“My work requires that I am on my feet all day long. Overtime this caused considerable pain in my low back to the point that could not get comfortable whether I was sitting, standng or lying down. Through Chiropractic Corrective Care and laser therapy with Dr. Tim, I can now sit down for dinner wthout figiting, work without pain and sleep without waking repeatidly at night. The only thing I wish is I had come in sooner.”
-T. Redding
“Too many fabulous things to say about Dr. Campagna.. So many words to describe…warm, gentle, smart, comforting, witty, funny, compassionate…I could go on and on. Dr. Nina Campagna makes every visit memorable as she takes the time to answer all questions, ensuring that I understand exactly what is going on. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. She not only is great at what she does, she never makes you feel rushed and never makes you feel like just another patient.”
-J. Nelke
“I love that I can come to Dr. Nina and Dr. Tim and receive a variety of treatments, none of which take a long period of time, but together leave me feeling revitalized!”
-T. Peters
“When I first met with Dr. Nina, I thought I was eating a healthy diet and exercizing to achieve the best results. However, the last 30 pounds would not come off. After consulting with Dr. Nina, I realized there were so many habits I was unaware of that were hindering my efforts. Through her continual guidance and education, I have learned a new way of viewing food, what foods serve me best and will support the maintenance of my new healthy weight for a lifetime. No more yo-yo dieting for me. Small tweaks to my nutritional intake and exercise regimen each time we have met has made all the difference in the world- and I don’t have to buy expensive packaged “diet food” to keep the 25 pounds off that I have lost so far!”
-R. Gamba
“I am amazed at the improvement that I have had. I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in 5 years due to pain in my neck prior to seeing Dr. Tim, in spite of going to other doctors in other states. I do not respond well to sleep or pain medications, which turned out to be a good thing because Dr. Tim helped me to fix the root cause of the problem, and not just cover up the pain with temporary relief. My wife and family even notices that I have more energy and am happier.”
-R. Glass

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