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  • Best results have been measured and it is recommended to have 8 Zerona LipoLaser treatments over the course of one to two months; one to two treatments per week; each treatment approximately a week apart.
  • For added results, discuss additional cold laser treatments with one of the doctors or staff at Optimized Wellness Center.
  • At the start of the procedure, you will have a private room to disrobe, leaving your undergarments or bathing suit on, and lay on the table wearing the safety goggles.
  • Your Zerona Coach will then direct the Zerona LipoLasers at the target areas.
  • Each treatment lasts for a total of 40 minutes: 20 minutes laying on your front and 20 minutes laying on your back.

What to expect – Before your first treatment and after your last, your measurements will be taken and recorded so we can monitor progress. Try on your tight jeans, shorts, or skirt at the start and finish of the treatment period.

How long does it last? – Clinical studies have shown lasting and permanent results. It is important to realize that this treatment is not meant to be your only means of fat/size loss. Zerona facilitates the process, but first and foremost, you should improve your daily nutrition, which we can help you do. Exercise & hydration are important as well. How long the treatment results last will depend largely on your nutrition intake and on your exercise regimen.

Targeted diet – The Zerona treatments are ideally done while implementing a targeted, specific nutritional plan that facilitates the process. The doctors at Optimized Wellness Center can provide you with a customized nutritional program (Optimized Nutrition Program) for your unique needs, allowing for your best outcomes.

Supplementation – A strict regimen of supplementation will need to be utilized while receiving this treatment, and ideally should be implemented well in advance of your first session. We need to prepare the body for the mass quantity of cholesterol and toxins that will be released as well as to feed the cells for energy production.



Whole Body Movement – Optimized Wellness Center offers our practice members the ability to use our Zaaz whole body vibration plate after each Zerona LipoLaser treatment. A vibration plate helps move the contents of the fat cells through the lymphatic system and subsequently out of the body through normal urination & bowel movements. In addition, it will assist in toning your body.

Lymphatic Detox – Cellular ionic detoxification foot bath sessions will be performed after each of the Zerona LipoLaser treatments to aid in the detoxification process. This is essential due to a large number of toxins that are released by the Zerona LipoLaser treatment. These treatments are 100% non-invasive and will help not only detoxify the body but also apply the appropriate polarity for healing and supply the body with beneficial minerals.


Achieve Your Maximum Success for Eliminating Stubborn Body Fat and Excess Inches by Adhering to The Following Protocol:

By following these steps every day, you will maximize your results for reducing body fat and excess inches.  Begin the following protocol 2 weeks prior to starting your treatments; continue during your treatments and for 2 weeks after your last treatment. It is important to maintain the protocol for at least 2 weeks after your final treatment as 20-40% of your results occurs then. 

Hydrate – Drink 100 fl. oz. (3 liters) of water each day, with no more than 25 ounces in an hour. The released body fat needs to exit the body via the kidneys. (More on that later). A minimum of 3 liters (or 12-13 eight oz. glasses) of pure filtered water daily is recommended to maximize benefit/result. No alcohol is to be consumed during the series. A healthy functioning liver is needed to metabolize and package the fat for removal.

Caffeine – Caffeine causes dehydration which will inhibit elimination. If you must drink coffee, limit your consumption to 1 cup a day, and an extra glass of water should be added before and after. Coffee and alcohol, as well as diet pills and other pills containing caffeine are considered diuretics and will dehydrate you. If your body is dehydrated it will retain water as well as the liquefied fat, causing a poor response to the treatments.

Eliminate Alcohol – completely. Alcohol causes dehydration and puts a strain on the detoxification organs. By eliminating alcohol, this allows your kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems to quickly purge the excess body fat and toxins.

Compression Garments (eg. Spanx, Assets by Sara Blakely or Under Armour) should be worn as much as possible during all phases of the Zerona treatments. A spandex compression garment will maximize benefit/result by promoting fat to migrate from the interstitial space for lymphatic circulation and drainage.

Exercise (Walk) – Maintain your regular workout routine. If you do not work out, walk at least 15 – 20 minutes each day. 30 minutes of light to moderate cardiovascular exercise (walking) daily is recommended to maximize benefit/result. We need exercise to stimulate normal detox and increase the lymphatic system’s circulation by 10-15X in order to help remove the liquified fat.

Bowels: Watch for Constipation –The released body fat needs to exit the body via bowel movements. Therefore, it is important to eat plenty of fiber (green leafy veggies like spinach and kale are 2 great sources) to avoid constipation. Please be aware you may notice a change in bowel movements due to the process of fat elimination. You could see bowel movements increase, darken, and possibly include oily or floating characteristics although you should not experience a sense of urgency. If you are not having at least 1, well-formed, easy to pass bowel movement daily, it is important to speak with the doctors about options to support healthy bowel movements.

Sauna – Perspiration is a great way to release the fat from the body once the fat has been released from your fat cells.

Lymphatic Massage & Dry Brushing – Help move the newly released fat from the interstitial space to the lymphatics so that it can efficiently leave the body through urination and bowel movements.

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