Protocol Overview
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What to expect – Before your first treatment and after your last, your measurements will be taken and recorded so we can monitor progress. Try on your tight jeans, shorts, or skirt at the start and finish of the treatment period.

How long does it last? – Clinical studies have shown lasting and permanent results. It is important to realize that this treatment is not meant to be your only means of fat/size loss. Zerona facilitates the process, but first and foremost, you should improve your daily nutrition, which we can help you do. Exercise & hydration are important as well. How long the treatment results last will depend largely on your nutrition intake and on your exercise regimen.

Targeted diet – The Zerona treatments are ideally done while implementing a targeted, specific nutritional plan that facilitates the process. The doctors at Optimized Wellness Center can provide you with a customized nutritional program (Optimized Nutrition Program) for your unique needs, allowing for your best outcomes.

Supplementation – A strict regimen of supplementation will need to be utilized while receiving this treatment, and ideally should be implemented well in advance of your first session. We need to prepare the body for the mass quantity of cholesterol and toxins that will be released as well as to feed the cells for energy production.

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