Wellness Education

Dr. Heath will provide a complimentary health talk for your employees during their lunch hour. He offers various educational programs depending on the needs of your business. A few of those topics include:

● The Physiology of Stress: How to thrive with effective management strategies
● Ergonomics: How to maximize the structure and function of your mind/body
● Exercise: Secrets of how to restore your Health with the 10-minute break
● Heart Smart Nutrition: How to eliminate the number one culprit of disease with diet
● Kick Cancer: Prevention strategies

The benefits of these educational programs include:
● Promotes a positive image for looking after employees’ health and wellbeing
● A healthier and more active workplace
● Reduced employee absence levels, therefore, reduced sick leave costs
● Improved productivity, performance and motivation
● Improved employee morale and employee loyalty

As part of a business appreciation program, Dr. Heath offers these talks for free and even brings you lunch!

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